Friday, December 16, 2022

LeDomduVin: Uncharacteristic wines

Uncharacteristic wines

A Sommelier chooses wines for many reasons: to pair with the dishes, to go with the menu, to complement the food, to set the theme of the dinner, to set the mood too, to fit with the place, to please the taste of the host, to please the guests based on the host's suggestions, etc... etc.. and sometimes, it is just because he/she wants to serve these wines, to taste them, for the experience, to be surprised or sometimes because he/she does not have a choice.

And, last night was one of these nights, a private party, I was ready, the wines had been selected and I was about to prepare them, 1 hour prior to the dinner, when I was told, they needed better and more expensive wines (double the original price in fact).

I had to find something in 1 hour. Fortunately, I have a few contacts I can call in case of last-minute requests like this. So, I called one of them, and he saved me "in extremis".

I had not tried these wines before, but I had no choice. And, once again, luck or fate, experience or protection of some kind, greatly helped me and I'm grateful for it, as the wines showed beautifully, yet, they were totally uncharacteristic of their respective vintages.

A Sommelier must be a good storyteller to convey the message in the bottle, as well as the story of the estate and the men and women behind the label.

In fact, the wine might even taste better if you embellish its story with ingredients from the context and the place, so that's what I did...

Maison Louis Latour Monrachet 2012

Mature golden color, slightly oxidized, nutty like a sherry, rather light, not too complex, yet, nice balance and vibrant due to sharp acidity. It enhanced the first 2 dishes.

Domaine Arnoux Lachaux Clos de Vougeot 2009 

At first, a bit rustic and light for 2009, it opened up after 45 minutes, yet remained rather light and soft for such a warm and complex vintage. Interesting somehow.

Chateau Margaux Margaux 2015

@chateaumargaux 2015
Probably the most Burgundian Margaux I have tasted lately, light, bright, and elegant, but uncharacteristic of the warm 2015 vintage.

Cheers! Santé!


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