Tuesday, September 19, 2023

LeDomduVin: "The Complete Bordeaux Vintage Guide" by Neal Martin

"The Complete Bordeaux Vintage Guide" 

by Neal Martin 

A few weeks ago, I proudly posted the new book I just acquired from Neal Martin: "The Complete Bordeaux Vintage Guide." And today, I am re-posting about this book because I had the chance this very morning to meet with Neal Martin (for the first time face-to-face) for a brief chat before going to work and to ask him to sign my copy. 

And he did. Thank you, Neal, much appreciated. 🙏😁👍🍷

We talked about various subjects, including the Hong Kong market, the consequences of COVID-19, the impact of China, and even the release of Rudy Kurniawan and the potential rise or return of counterfeited bottles in the market. Very interesting. 

As I had to leave to go to work and did not really want to bother him with that, I did not take any pictures. Yet, on the way to work, I kept saying to myself that I missed a good opportunity to take a picture with him and his book... 

Oh well, I hope we will meet again and I will ask him this time. Great guy! Very inspiring way of thinking. And I love how he approached the subject of Bordeaux through each vintage with useful information and the year's main event, music, and film. Brilliant! 

Thank you again, Neal, for your time this morning and for signing my copy of your book. 

Safe trip back to England, then France, and à bientôt! 

Cheese! Santé! 


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