Tuesday, September 22, 2009

2008 Statti Gaglioppo Rosso IGT Calabria Italy

2008 Statti Gaglioppo Rosso IGT Lamezia Terme Calabria Italy
Suggested retail price $14-$17
Imported / Distributed by VIAS Imports in NYC

Calabria, in antiquity known as Bruttium, is a region in southern Italy, south of Naples, located at the "toe" of the Italian peninsula.

Gaglioppo is a red wine grape that is grown primarily in Calabria, the south-western region of Italy. The grape is of Greek origins and is thought to have been introduced to southern Italy around the same time as the Aglianico grape. Performing well in the dry, aride and drought conditions, the grape usually produces full-bodied wines, high in alcohol and tannins and usually quite age worthy, a decantation will soften the wine. It is sometimes blended with up to 10% white wine to bring more acidity and freshness.

Made from Gaglioppo grapes planted on medium-textured, stony soils with warm, mild, well-ventilated Mediterranean climate, this Gaglioppo rosso is one of the Statti company’s trump cards. The Statti team is working assiduously but without any undue hurry on its studies of this ancient variety, which is symbolic of the Greek origins of viticulture in Italy: they prefer to take one step at a time, so as to be able to give the best possible interpretation of the discoveries that research reveals, vintage after vintage. This is a wine for drinking whilst still very young and fruity; it can also be enjoyed with fish.

2008 Statti Gaglioppo Rosso has a very light to medium, bright ruby color, Pinot Noir-Lagrein-isch in color, with a pink hue. Quite expressive, the nose is earthy and dry, yet fresh and fragrant with ripe dark cherry aromas mixed with smoke, mineral, touch floral (some violet), spices and pepper touches. The attack is lovely and juicy with bright red cherry and high acidity, touch of smoke, spice and pepper. The mid-palate is quite dry and light to medium intensity, and expands nicely with juicy red wild berries fruit. The finish is definitely dry, slightly rustic and esoteric, with present tannins yet enjoyable overall. Here again, not necessarily your everyday wine, but in the same time interesting and intriguing, with a certain finesse and subtitle layers. Definitely need food to complement some of the angularities yet the juicy fruit will balance most of them, and despite its light and lean color, a true adventurous connoisseur (like me) will surely enjoy and appreciate this light to medium bodied great red concentrated with flavors. I love it. Pair it with flavorful, spicy or peppery food.


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