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1995 Terredorra Dipaolo Taurasi IGT Campania Italy

Located in Montfusco, a village north of Avellino, Terredora is a continuation of the ancient story of Campania, its people and their passion for their land and their winemaking.

TERREDORA has been on the forefront of the wine renaissance in Campania since 1978. Today, with more than 150 hectares of vineyard land, Terredora is Campania’s largest wine producer and vineyard owner, with a worldwide reputation for the quality of its wines. Their commitment to excellence was proven in 1994 when they decided to vinify their own grapes. This decision was prompted by their belief that great wine comes from the balance of natural resources: terrain, varieties used, climate and man’s ability to work with nature.

Made from 100 % Aglianico grape variety, from vineyards in Lapio and Montemiletto, carefully selected and hand-harvested, the Terredora Dipaolo Taurasi was aged in small French oak barrels for 18 months. After blending the maturation continues in 35 hl oak barrels for 12 months and then in bottle for a further 8-12 months before release.

1995 Terredorra Dipaolo Taurasi IGT Campania Italy
Suggested retail price $34-$38
Imported/Distributed by VIAS in NYC

Despite some of the more modern style, when young and often rough, earthy, austere and tannic, classic Aglianinco wines usually need quite some time to really come together and offer their best profile to the most patient of us.

The 1995 Terredora Dipaolo Taurasi is a great example of a very well aged Agliannico. Despite its beautifull garnet-brick color of medium to full intensity, it offers an earthy bouquet of dark chocolate, cherries, plums mingled with notes of dried herbs and spices. Young it will have needed a decanting, but at this stage of its life, depending on the bottle, pour yourself a small glass and leave the bottle open for about 20-30 minutes. After a few swirl in the glass, the wine started to open up and deliver more of its layers. The palate is still quite strong, earthy and rich yet nicely balanced with good structure and appreciable length. The finish possesses excellent tannins structure, which combined with the earthiness and the acidity, let me think that it could last and develop for a few more years. Pair it with roast meat, game, venison, spicy dishes, truffles and mature cheeses such as seasoned Provolone, Parmigianino or Gorgonzola.


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