Friday, October 15, 2010

2009 Damilano Langhe Arneis Piedmont Italy

Damilano has always been producing great Piedmont high quality wines at very affordable prices. I’ve sold their wines for the past 8 years and never been disappointed. Their Barolos are their benchmarks, especially their entry level Barolo that is always sought after equally by amateurs and connoisseurs. An excellent Barolo for less than $25-$30 is a rare thing these days.

However, even if a bit late in the season, I would like to introduce you to their Arneis that I’ve been enjoying all summer, but which is still such a great juicy and easy going white that it deserves a bit of attention; even with the cooling temperatures, yet it has been a beautiful Indian summer so far, in New York.

This winery has ancient traditions. Its origins go back at the end of 1800, when Giuseppe Borgogno, great-grandfather of the actual owners, begun to grow and vinify vines. Now, thanks to the work of the young members of the family, Damilano has been enjoying a deserved success over the last 10 years. They produce the classical Langhe wines, and above all, very approachable complex Barolos (including 7 Barolos from various vineyards, a Barbera d’Asti, a Nebbiolo d’alba and their unique Arnies white).

The vineyard of “Cannubio” (or Cannubi) was already famous before the coming of the wine Barolo. The prestige of Cannubi never knew misfortune, in fact it always improved the name of the firms that bought its grapes or owned a small part of these vineyards. The 10 Piedmontese giornate (less than 4 hectares) place under the road that goes to the pasture and exposed to the east, are named “Liste”. All the witnesses gathered agree saying that “the soil is good” while higher and toward the woods the soil tends to be particularly cold and damp. The Damilano family is making a smart calculated turn for their “cantina” from forty-year-old industrial base to aritsanal frontier. Gifted in two Barolo sites, the fifty-year-old “Cannubi” vines are delivering superb, inviting results, while the “Liste” vineyard, a four-hectare eastern exposure, produces a mysterious strength for the Barolo district. A classic player to keep an eye on.

2009 Damilano Langhe Arneis Piedmont Italy
Suggested retail price $14.99
Imported / Distributed by VIAS Imports in NYC

Damilano Langhe Arneis is a gentle Piemontese white wine made from 100% Arneis grapes, by Damilano renowned oenologist Beppe Caviola. The grapes come from vineyards located near the villages of Canale (in Roero region) and Diano d’Alba (in the Langhe region), with Southeast exposure with an average altitude of 900 feet. The vines are planted on sandy, clayey-calcareous soils. The grapes underwent skin maceration for 7 days, followed by the alcoholic fermentation at controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks. Bottling occurred shortly after to keep maximum freshness.

The 2009 Damilano Langhe Arneis shows a pale straw yellow with slight greenish reflects. The nose is fresh, clean, refine and fruity with aromas of citrus and stone white fruit intermingled with blossom and mineral hints. The palate is dry and refreshing, quite delicate and elegant with yellow and white fruit flavors combined with slight fresh almonds notes. An inviting, versatile and friendly white wine that is suitable for any occasion with appetizers, fish courses and white meats.


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