Sunday, May 15, 2022

LeDomduVin: Domaine des Lambrays "Clos des Lambrays" 2005

Domaine des Lambrays "Clos des Lambrays"

 Grand Cru 2005 Burgundy, France 

Besides decanting Château L'Evangile 2000, (for that private lunch, yesterday), I also opened and served another wine that I love, from Burgundy this time, Clos des Lambrays. 

Located at Morey-Saint-Denis, Domaine des Lambrays is a small estate consisting of a wall-enclosed vineyard, hence its name "Clos". The vineyard is about 8.8 hectares, of which 8.6 hectares belong to the Domaine. 

The other 0.2 hectare actually belongs to Domaine Taupenot-Merme, which explains why Domaine des Lambrays cannot put "Monopole" on the label. 

"Clos des Lambrays" was a "Morey-Saint-Denis 1er Cru" until 1981, when it was elevated to "Grand Cru" status, and a specific AOC was created for it. 

From my 30 years of experience buying, selling, opening, serving, and tasting their wines, I can say that I'm a huge fan of Clos des Lambrays. I love the consistency, complexity, richness as well as the silky-smooth texture and layered structure of their wines. 

And this 2005 was no exception, it was so good, it even exceeded my expectations. Let me describe it to you.  

2005 Domaine des Lambrays "Clos des Lambrays" Grand Cru Burgundy, France
Estimated Average Market Price HKD 4,310 (around 520 Euros / 550 USD) 

For most French wine regions, including Burgundy, 2005 was a superb "solar" vintage that produced warm, rich, complex, and concentrated wines. And this Clos des Lambrays 2005 is a stunning example of it. Attractive medium deep, yet concentrated dark ruby color in the glass. The nose is extremely open and aromatic, warm, and enticing, showing ripe, sunbathed dark cherries and berries (blackberry, blueberry), mingling with earthy (slightly scorched earth) and toasted aromas (cacao, coffee, oak), mixed with autumnal forest floor hints and mineral nuances. Beautifully structured and textured, defined and focused, rich, ample, full and smooth, generously coating the palate, while retaining freshness and elegance. Excellent balance between the ripeness of the fruit, the acidity, and the tannins, very good length, silky, integrated, harmonious, and suavely warm and comforting from the attack to the seamless finish. Wow! What a wine! Loooooved it. Highly recommended.  

That's all folks! Until next time, stay safe and take good care of yourself and your loved ones.  

Santé! Cheers! 

Dom (aka LeDomduvin) 

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