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LeDomduVin: DRC La Tâche 2012

DRC La Tâche 2012

Domaine de la Romanée Conti La Tache Grand Cru Burgundy France
Estimated Average Market Price: HKD 57,150 / Euros 6,910 / USD 7,280

Attractive, bright, pale ruby color, with pinkish, reflects. Very incentive, fresh and aromatic nose offering juicy red cherries mingling with floral, mineral, and earthy notes, as well as white pepper and spices nuances. The palate is light, crisp, fresh, gentle, and delicate, almost fragile, yet, juicy, subtly complex and layered, beautifully balanced, harmonious,  structured, and extremely long-lasting. This 2012 DRC La Tâche is as delicate, gracious, elegant, and focus as a ballerina. Loooooooove it. 

La Tâche 2012 is still very young, but it is already drinking very well. Magnificent already at the opening, it was even better after 1 hour of opening in the bottle. Very nice acidity and a  structure that will allow it to age for a few more decades.

However, this 2012 is not necessarily the most complex, rich or the most opulent vintage of La Tâche I have tasted. This vintage is rather light and delicate, thus, it will be interesting to observe its evolution, over the next 5-10 years, to really know how it will further evolve and if it will resist time after 15-20 years. 

That said, throughout my 30 years career in the wine industry, I have tasted many old vintages DRC La Tâche and Romanée Conti, that were not the best nor the ones with the most potential, and still, for each of them, to my surprise, the wine still showed really well after a few decades, and, thus, proved its capacity of endurance and resilience to time.  

It has been proven that some wines, if kept in the most ideal conditions (constant temperature, appropriate humidity level, no exposure to direct lights, not stored with odorous items, no vibrations,  etc...), and not moved for years, can slowly age forever. DRC wines are amongst these wines. 

In the picture above and below, the color looks brownish, as if the wine was old, but in reality, this wine has a beautiful and very attractive pale ruby color with pink reflections. Unfortunately, I was not able to capture the true color, due to the yellow light of the room and the background light from the sky, and the filter used for the picture. Too bad I cannot show you the correct color of this wine.  

It had been a little while since I opened and tasted a DRC wine (never for my personal consumption, I don't have the wallet to afford it 🙃), prior to serving it to its owner. And, I was really pleased and excited to be able to do it recently. 

In my 30 years career as a Sommelier, working in restaurants, retailers and for big tycoons of the corporate world, I had (and still have) the chance and privilege to negotiate, buy, sell, manage, open, taste and serve, and occasionally drink, (when invited to), many bottles of all the DRC wines, some very old vintages too. 

And, I must admit that I have always approached these wines with the utmost respect and interest and a lot of admiration. Always humbled when opening a DRC. 

I'm glad to be lucky enough to continue to open and taste such legendary wines, only accessible to a minority of people fortunate enough to be able to buy them, for me to serve them. Thank you for that.

A little video was also made, while I was opening the bottle. So, I took the opportunity to explain a little about what I was doing, like if I was doing training for staff or students. Here is the link

Or watch it directly here, if you prefer:  

A special thank you to Karen for the video. 

Santé! Cheers! Take good care of yourself and your loved ones, and remember to drink responsibly. 

Dom (a.k.a. LeDomduVin)

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