Sunday, October 19, 2008

LeDomduVin: 2006 Domaine Fichet Bourgogne pinot Noir "Tradition" France

2006 Domaine Fichet Bourgogne Pinot Noir "Tradition" Maconnais France
Suggested retail price $14-$17
Distributed by T-Edward Wines in NYC 

Finally, a good Burgundy Pinot Noir for less than $20 is on the shelves. One can find affordable, enjoyable, fruity Pinot Noir from the Languedoc or even light, fresh, earthy Pinot Noir from the Loire. However, finding a good Burgundy in this price range became quite difficult over the last 3-4 years. 

Nestled in the commune of Ige, northwest of Macon, Domaine Fichet was created in 1976 by Francis and Christiane Fichet. It is now run by their two sons, Pierre-Yves (winemaker) and Olivier (vineyard manager), who took over in 1988. They have since increased the size of the vineyard from 11 to 20 hectares and significantly raised the quality level of their wines. 

Well known for their white wine "Macon Ige Chateau London", one of the oldest and most reputable Terroir in Maconnais, they also produce great reds blended with grapes coming from 30 years old vines planted by Francis and from 15 years old vines planted by Pierre-Yves in 1994. Francis was one of the first pioneers who planted Pinot Noir in a highly dominant Chardonnay region.        

Pierre-Yves and Olivier Fichet bottled a nice, fresh little wine full of earthy, red cherry notes on the nose. The palate is really approachable for a 2006, somewhat simple yet quite inviting, well structured and balanced. The acidity plays a key role here and enhances the Burgundian Terroir quality of this wine. Even the tannins are well integrated. Overall, the fruit is soft, rounded, making this light bodied wine a pleasant surprise. To drink on simple dish with white meat: chicken, turkey and pork.

Cheers! Santé! 


Dom (aka LeDomduVin)

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