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LeDom Selection of the month: October 2008

LeDom's Selection of the Month

October 2008

2005 Domaine D'Ardhuy Clos des Langres Monopole AOC Cote de Nuits Villages Burgundy France
Suggested retail price $40-$50

This wine was a great discovery for me when I tasted it last spring at a Wineberry Tasting with Eric Plumet, the Winemaker and Technical Director of Domaine d'Ardhuy. They also had some red Corton that were out of this world. I love the all line (nearly 30 wines that day) and despite the fact that some of the 2005 were very good, the 2006 vintage were (in my opinion) even better, more balanced with bright acidity, juicier fruit and more integrated tannins.

Amongst all the wine produced by Domaine D'Ardhuy, Clos des Langres Monopole seemed (to me) the best price point value of the all portfolio. They have a lot of wines starting around $30 going up to more than $100 a bottles, but in the $40-$50 trench, Clos des Langres was my favorite, offering body, structure, earthiness, balance and length. I loved and I love it. A bit tight, it definitely needs to be decanted or at least breath for half an hour. I tried it again about a week ago, and the more it opened up the better it was. After nearly 2 hours, it was fantastic.

I could tell you a bit more about the Domaine itself but they have a great website with very informative technical sheets about their wines. Check it out at

2000 Senorio de San Vicente San Vicente Rioja Tempranillo Spain
Suggested retail price $40-$50

The Rioja wine region is a beautiful hilly valley following the Ebro river, protected by two mountain chains, the majestic Sierra Cantabria to the north and the Sierra de la Demanda to the south. Rioja stretches from the south of Basque country to Navarra.

Senorio de San Vicente is nestled in the heart of San Vicente de la Sonsierra, a gorgeous hill-top XII century village of the Rioja region, surrounded by vineyards on slopes and overlooking the Ebro river. It is where the Ebro river and the Sierra Cantabria mountains meet, creating very favorable micro climates that contribute to the harmony and quality of the fruit and the Terroir. The diversity in soil and climate has led to a sub-division of this wine region into 3 distinct areas: Rioja Alta, Rioja Baja and Rioja Alavesa.

Since 1870, from father to son, the Eguren family has been devoted to their vines and to the elaboration and ageing of their Rioja wines. These winemaking traditions and knowledge that can only be inherited from generation to generation, have been maintain, preserve and adapted to the latest technologies. Their passion and devotion for the art of wine making involve a constant desire for improvement with continuous attention to each steps: from finding great vineyards with the most ideal conditions to using modern tools in a clean and respectful environment and especially aged their wines until ready to fully satisfy the consumers.

For Senorio de San Vicente, it all started in 1985 when the Eguren family, bought a vineyard of 18 hectares (44.5 acres) called "Finca de la Canoca" near the village of San Vicente. They planted a nearly instinct, rare variety of Tempranillo called Tempranillo Peludo (also known as Furry Tempranillo).

Coming from one grape variety, one vineyard, one wine and one winery, the resulting wine is really charming, rich, complex and long. Aged for at least for 14 months in new oak barrels and aged further in the bottle in their cellar prior released for another 2 years, it is a very good wine that combines all the component of a great Rioja: ripeness, very good concentration, balance, freshness, elegance and a tremendous ageing potential with a very good tannic structure. It exhibits dark berry, red cherry and delicate floral aromas with profound dark chocolate, mocha, leather notes and hints of spice. The palate is dense and pack with present yet refined integrated tannins. It will definitely benefit a good hour of decantation.

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