Thursday, October 9, 2008

Home Drinking: 10.08.08

Tonight, I brought home 2 wines that I just discovered and really enjoyed.

2007 Capestrano Passerina Marche IGT Italy
2005 Lucie et Auguste Lignier Morey Saint Denis "Les Sionnieres" Burgundy France

When I went to the VIAS tasting at the Marriott Marquis last September, I unfortunately didn't have much time to taste (because that day I went to Jenny & Francois Selections / World Wide Wine, Martin Scott Wines, then VIAS just before ending the day at a Laboure-Roi tasting on the terrace of the China Club...). However, Donato from VIAS showed me a few things including a delightful little white made with an indigenous grape that I didn't know: Passerina (also known as Biancame).

FYI: Passerina (or Biancame) is an ancient white grape variety mostly planted on the east coast and central part of Italy. Capestrano is the name of a little village located in the mountainous province of L'Aquila, part of the Abruzzo region where they also produce wines with the Passerina grape.

Fact: Capestrano is (in the case of this wine, I think) just a name (that may or may not correspond to the village, I do not know), because the Passerina grapes used to make this wine come from the Marche region (the region above Abruzzo on the Adriatic coast). Strangely enough, it has been bottled in a winery called Peperoncino located in the village of Ripa Teatina, also located in Abbruzzo but closer to the coast than Capestrano...?!!?

So, to resume the situation, I think that this wine is made out of grapes harvested in the Marche region, but it has been vinified and bottled in Abruzzo.


2007 Capestrano Passerina Marche IGT Italy
Suggested retail price $9-$11
Imported and distributed by VIAS Wine imports

This is a fun little wine. The color is super light, ultra pale yellow, kind of transparent almost like water. On the nose, one can enjoy discreet (but expressive enough) fresh aromas of pear, apple, lemon with minerals. The palate is dry and light bodied. However, a light touch of fruitiness, a mix of ripe pear with peach and lemon mixed with minerals and balanced by a great acidity, make this wine very enjoyable, well rounded and quite versatile. Overall, it is simple, clean, crisp and fruity white wine (just a bit short in the finish). A good value for money and an ideal wine for thanksgiving as an aperitif with appetizers.

The 2nd wine was a fantastic

2005 Lucie et Auguste Lignier Morey Saint Denis "Les Sionnieres" Burgundy France
Suggested retail price $57-$62
Distributed by Liz Willette wines in NYC

The nose expresses ripe aromas of red cherries, raspberry with floral and earthy notes, somewhat rustic and quite characteristic of red Burgundy. The palate is elegant, medium bodied to light, really smooth with lovely ripe red cherry flavors, a good grip of acidity and some firm, present yet very integrated tannins. The finish is a bit dry and earthy somewhat adding texture and length. Overall, it has a good harmony and a balanced attitude between the fruit, the minerals and the acidity which make this wine a really enjoyable mid-range Burgundy. I personally liked it a lot and will definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good example of red burgundy in this price range.

I could tell you more about the property and its history, however I rather just suggest you to check this great, very informative website
or cut and past this link:
LeDom du Vin

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