Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hollywood, Mon Amour: beautiful female voices sing some of the 80's classic

Hollywood, Mon Amour

Hollywood, Mon Amour is a great compilation of some of the best songs from the 80's, reinvented and sang by some of the most talented female artist voices of the moment: Yael Naim, Skye, Nancy Danino, Nadeah, Leelou, Katrine Ottosen, Juliette Lewis, Inga, Dea Li, Cibelle, Bianca Calandra (with of course the ingenuity and talent of Marc Collin).

This album delivers outstanding vocals complemented with tender, soft, ambiance music on some classic Rock, New Wave, Funk, R&B and more from the 80's.

People of my generation will surely appreciate it and recognize great songs of their youth: When Doves Cry - Prince; This is not America - David Bowie; Don't you (forget about me) - Simple Minds; and more...

It is a must buy in my opinion. It will bring a cool ambient atmosphere where ever you play it and will softly enhance a dinner with friends or a warm night with your partner and a good glass of wine.

For more info, go to their website at:

There is also another website that you should pay a visit to. It is link with the above website and speaks about the original precursors and pioneers behind this new trend of transforming classic songs with new sounds and voices (orchestred by Marc Collin):

LeDom du Vin

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