Thursday, October 16, 2008

2006 Gerard Villet Arbois Chardonnay Jura France

2006 Gerard Villet Arbois Chardonnay Jura France
Suggested retail price $19-$23
Distributed by Savio Soares Selections

Savio Soares, this always smiling, easy going Brazilian-living-in-Germany wine lover constantly brings great wines and his portfolio is as fun as eclectic. It is always a great pleasure to see his face because he has a great sense of humor and at least I know that (with him) I'm going to taste good to very good to excellent wines (which is not always the case with many other salesmen... no comment).

I used to buy his 2004 Gerard Villet Arbois Chardonnay (that I loved by the way), but he ran out of it. So a few days ago, he passed by the store with the new vintage (2006) that I really enjoyed (even more than the 2004 vintage) and immediately bought.


2006 Gerard Villet Arbois Chardonnay (Jura France) is in my opinion better than the 2004 vintage. It still offer the same slightly oxidative, nutty notes with great minerals and earthy golden apple aromas on the nose and on the palate, but on a somewhat brighter, fresher style. The palate is slightly rustic, earthy, Terroir driven, harmonious and balanced by a great acidity. The finish is quite long and inviting. Overall, one will find substance, body, length, minerals and dry, earthy yellow fruit in this well rounded, medium bodied, autumnal white wine.

The wine is 100% organic, aged in old big oak barrels and didn't have any filtration prior to bottling. To discover absolutely this Fall or Winter with Fish in creamy sauce and veal stew with baked apples.

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