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2006 Castillo Perelada 3 Fincas Crianza Emporda Spain

2006 Castillo Perelada 3 Fincas Crianza Emporda Spain

Peralada is a small medieval town in the northeastern corner of Spain, where the foothills of the Pyrenees stretch out to the Mediterranean, at a stone's throw of the French Roussillon region. Peralada is located in the centre of the Empordà plain (Empordà-Costa Brava D.O.) a few kilometres from Figueres (a town famous for its Dalí museum).

Peralada is a village laden with history. Winemaking in Peralada Castle is documented since the Middle Ages, as witnessed by several papers and parchments from the era that are preserved in the library.

The Castle of Peralada (“CASTILLO PERALADA”) is the historical, cultural and commercial heart of the district. As well as the cellars, the Castillo Peralada has a glass and wine museum together with a large library containing more than 80,000 books (in fact, it is the largest privately-held library in Spain).

Mr Miguel Mateu bought the castle in 1923 and since then the Suqué-Mateu family has turned the Peralada Group into one of the leading wine producers of Spain.

When Miguel Mateu bought this monumental in 1923 one of its main objectives was the revitalization of this winemaking tradition, a tradition that is now more alive than ever and has incorporated the latest technology to produce wines that take full advantage of the nuances of soils and vineyards of the Empordà. Arturo Suqué continued to expand and refined what Miguel began, with the same philosophy and enthusiasm.

Pass on from one generation to the next from father to son, the actual owner which also represents the 3 rd generation, Javier Suqué continues the family tradition to produce the best wine possible in a traditional way with a twist of modern technology and appeal.

Regrouped in a small area of land, the various vineyards planted in Empordà concentrate a variety of soils that occurs in very few places: slopes of shale, sand plains, sediments of fluvial origin, lands rich in silt and clay, gravel soils ... This heterogeneity of land allows the winery to pick grapes each vintage with a very wide range of shades that allow the development of complex wines full of character, like Castillo Perelada 3 Fincas Crianza y el Castillo Perelada 5 Fincas Reserva.

For the elaboration of this wine, Perelada Castle uses grape of 3 of its estate (3 Fincas) located in the Empordà region: Merlot de “Pont de Molins”, Garnatxa and Samsó of “La Garriga” and Cabernet Sauvignon de “Malaveïna”. The heterogeneity of the lands of each one of the properties and the various varieties planted in these 3 properties allow them to search for the best combination to make Castillo Perelada.

Empordà D.O. is located in the northeastern corner of the Iberian Peninsula, between France and the sea. The climate is Mediterranean and receives the strong influence of winds, in particular of the Tramontane wind that can reach speeds of up to 120 kilometers per hour. Once again it is very important to stress the great ground heterogeneity of Empordà and its Mediteranean influence to understand the quality and complexity of the produced wines.

A blend of carefully selected grapes including 35% Samsó (better known as Carignan), 30% Black Garnatxa (Grenache Noir), 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 10% Merlot, this Crianza was aged for about a year in Bordeaux-size (225L) barrels (70% of American oak fine type and 30% Allier French) then spend a bit of time resting in the bottle before release.

2006 Castillo Perelada 3 Fincas Crianza Emporda Spain
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2006 Castillo Perelada 3 Fincas Crianza has a bright yet fairly intense red cherry-ruby color with slight garnet reflects on the rime. The nose exposes aromas of mature red fruits, liquorice, mineral and light toasted notes from the oak. The palate is quite fleshy, juicy and balance yet substantial without being heavy due to a great acidity. Present yet fairly integrated young tannins frame and carry, along with the acidity, the ripe red fruit toward the mouthwatering, earthy finish. The tannins are fine and chewy yet a bit young, and could settle down with a bit more time on the bottle. It is a wine that combines a very good mouthful and pleasurable fresh red fruit flavors with a twist of earthiness and slightly oaky, toasted notes.

To better understand the diversity of soils and their influence in this wine, we need to dissect it and compare the origin of the grapes, in short: A slight touch of Merlot coming from Pont de Molins confers an attractive color and coolness (acidity) in the palate. The old Garnatxa (Garnacha) and Samsó (local name of the Carinyena or Carignan) from La Garriga, bring the complexity, depth and nuances. And the Cabernet Sauvignon de Espolla is characterized by the elegance of its tannins, as it is demonstrated in this wine. These grapes are the bases for this Castillo Perelada 3 Fincas Crianza and the key to its intriguing yet enjoyable features and flavors. Enjoy this wine over earthy dishes.


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  1. I am soon to attend a wine tasting event which will major on Perelda Estate wines and I would like as much information as I can gain on these excellent Spanish Wines.
    The Wine tasting is hosted by the Institute of directors, London and attended by many of the top businesmen in England.
    We will be guests of members of the IOD and anything that can assist us with enjoying the wines - all 6 of them - would help us enjoy the wines and if good to our noses and pqalates could be useful as purchases.

  2. Hi Brian,

    Sorry for not responding earlier. The winery has a great website at where you can find plenty of info about all of their wines.

    I only carry 2 of them at the store 3 Fincas and 5 Fincas. Moreover, the importing/distributing company for these wines doesn't have any websites.

    The info above were collected from the winery website and I believe that it is the best place to find most info. Otherwise, you could also try to find out who is importing these wines in the UK market and ask them if they have more info.

    Good luck,


    LeDom du Vin