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2006 Domaine Costa Lazaridi "Chateau Julia" Refosco-Agiorgitiko Adriani Drama Greece

Domaine Costa Lazaridi, Adriani, Drama, Greece

Domaine Costa Lazaridi is a beautiful estate, located in the village of Adriani, about 5.5 kilometers southwest of Nikiforos and about 11 kilometers east of Drama, the capital of the eponymous Greek wine region.

Founded in 1992 by Costa Lazaridi, the estate was designed by the local artist, Yianni Nanos, who also created the paintings that grace the Estate and the labels of its wines and spirits. It was named “Chateau Julia” in honor of Costa’s lovely wife.

It all started 25 years ago from a small company created by the Lazardi family, which started producing small quantities of wine; then evolved rapidly with the growing love and dedication to vine cultivation and wine, which consequently led to the decision to organize and expand this activity. 
Starting with a small 10-hectare vineyard, Domaine Costa Lazaridi now owns over 200 hectares, one of the biggest private linear vineyards in Greece, allowing complete self sufficiency and autonomy.

The meticulously maintained vineyards are planted with the most well known Greek varieties, such as Assyrtiko and Limnio, along with international grape varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah; all carefully controlled to produce low yields to ensure the best possible quality of raw material.

The fertile Macedonian land, the ideal microclimate and the low yields, allow to produce excellent grapes for the award winning “Amethystos” and “Chateau Julia” wines. 

To ensure the best possible quality, Domaine Costa Lazaridi uses the most advanced technology, including a fully equipped laboratory, pneumatic presses, stainless steel tanks with electronic systems for temperature control, automatic bottling machines, and air-conditioned underground ageing and storage facilities. The ageing cellar for red wines is one of the most important areas of the Estate, where the wines stay between 12 and 18 months in 225lt oak barrels.

The estate has 100 full time employees as well as several seasonal staff. They also co-operate with well known French University Professors in the area of vine cultivation and oenology who visit the estate and offer their council in their area of expertise. 

The first bottles were marketed in 1992: Amethystos white, Amethystos Rose and Amethystos Red. Later two more wines were added to the Amethystos family, Amethystos Fume and an aged red, Amethystos Cava, which was followed by a new family of wines the Château Julia with five varietal wines (Chardonnay, Chardonnay Oak, Semillon, Asyrtiko and Merlot. The new addition is the Domaine Costa Lazaridi family with a dry and a sweet Viognier and a Syrah. All these wines, vintage after vintage, constantly receive award, accolades and world class recognition from the trade, the press and more subtly from the consumers.

The Estate’s facilities also include one of the most modern distilleries in Greece, if not the world. Unique spirits come to life drop by drop inside ultra modern copper stills. Attention to details ensures the excellent quality of "Eau de Vie" Methexis Muscat distillate, and Idoniko Tsipouro (grappa). The strict selection specifications for the raw materials in combination with multiple distillations using fractional columns assure the finest taste, aroma and quality.

Also just 30 minutes from Athens a new complex in Kapandriti, Attica - Oinotria Land - has been created by Costa Lazaridi. It includes a small winery supplied by a 20 hectare organically cultivated vineyard next to lake Marathon, a Museum detailing the past and present of winemaking, distillation and vinegar making (a small corner pictured to the left), as well as conference facilities, a church for weddings and baptisms, and reception facilities. The Kapandriti facilities are stunningly beautiful, and were also designed by the famous artist-architect, Yianni Nanos.


2006 Domaine Costa Lazaridi "Chateau Julia" Refosco-Agiorgitiko Adriani Drama Greece
Suggested retail price $23-$26
Imported / distributed by Nestor Imports in NYC

Made from 60% Refosco, bringing the Italian Mediterranean temperament, and 40% Agiorgitiko, the Greek lord of grapes, this Drama red wine is like a first growth Bordeaux from Greece, despite the price which is much more reasonable.  This magnificently well crafted dry red blend possesses a dark red garnet color with violet hue. Fragrant and complex, the nose boasts aromas of wild cherries and berries fruit, intermingled with earthy, mineral notes and hints of oak, coconut and mild chocolate. Full and rich with harmonious acidity that keep it in focus, the balanced palate presents great texture, depth and structure with present yet integrated silky tannins, which will allow for good ageing potential. The long finish is laced with notes of oak, earth and spice. Decanting is definitely recommended, as this wine still encompasses certain youthful characters and need to breathe. Pair it with earthy Mediterranean dishes, grilled red meats and vegetables, and cheeses. I love it.


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