Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tasting Session with Langdon Shiverick Portfolio

Yesterday was a sad day for me, because I lost my grandfather on my father side. Although, something needs to be said, he just turned 100 years old last December. Yet, he had a pretty good run all these years and lasted in pretty good health until the end. I think that's beautiful. Quite incredible in fact, considering all the things that he has been through and more especially the overall evolution of mankind since 1910. What a Journey! It must have been mesmerizing. Rest in Peace Papa André. You've been loved and we'll miss you.

Which makes me think that life should be plentiful and joyful, lived with respect, emotion and passion, but with no remorse, no regret or rancor, especially when you see what is happening in the world these days. Therefore, aside of writing an entire post about a winery or a wine or a region, I will from now on also write some of my Tasting Sessions with certain suppliers. It will be easier for me to talk and share with you about more wines, without necessarily developing so much about the winery, producer, etc...

Most of my Tasting Sessions notes are usually short and straight to the point as they reflect my initial thoughts and impressions about the tasted wines, and are not put into complete sentences (like my regular posts), as it is usually impossible during the tasting itself to write in sentences. Reading this Tasting Session will be like if you were in my head, with me, during the tasting.

Also, like for my usual posts, I will only write about the wines that I loved during the tasting. No point to talk about the others, as the point of my blog is not to criticize or point finger, but to convey a positive message and relay the work of the producers and, with the longer posts, give you informative details about the wines, wineries and their Terroir of Origin (location, geography, history, climate, soil, exposure, grape varieties, etc..).

It has been a long time since I've tasted the wines from Langdon Shiverick, but my rep. (Rachel) came the other day with 7 wines and I was pleasantly surprised by 3 of them. One of them was Rijckaert, one of the classic Jura wineries, and I was glad to taste it again.

Here are the wines:

2009 Domaine Rijckaert Chardonnay Jura France
Suggested retail price $18-$21
Imported / distributed by Langdon Shiverick in NYC

Clean, bright, crispy on the nose. Bright minerality, excellent texture, Chablis-like mouth-feel, crispy, very focus and refreshing. I love it as always. Very well crafted. Lovely, long, cleansing and mineral, citrusy finish. Tart in a good way.

2008 Alex Mathur "Dionys" Montlouis Blanc Demi-sec Loire Valley France
Suggested retail price $22-$25
 Imported / distributed by Langdon Shiverick in NYC

Lovely nose, floral, mineral, white fruit, blossom. Excellent texture and length, captivating acidity. Beautifully crafted. Citrusy, yellow fruit, peach on the finish. Love it.

2008 Les Chais du Vieux Bourg Poulsard Cotes du Jura Red France
Suggested retail price $33-$36
Imported / distributed by Langdon Shiverick in NYC

Very intriguing color somewhere between orange and garnet. Ham Iberico, dark aged prune, fig, nut, very complex and enticing nose. Earthy, bright, crisp, lovely, delicate texture, with cranberry and red cherry flavors intermingled with more Iberico ham and nutty hints. Different. A bit light. Esoteric, somewhat unusual, not your everyday stuff. Love it. Love Jura wines.


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