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2007 Thierry Tissot Roussette du Bugey Mataret (Altesse) Savoie France

People that know me well will always tell you that my wife and I are very fond of Savoie's wines. It is due to the minerality and the texture of the wines. There are always so versatile, focus, extremely enjoyable and so easy to drink. The following producer should be more well known for his wines, I invite you to discover them whenever you have the chance. 

Roussette de Savoie is an Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) for white wine in the Savoie wine region of France. The AOC covers much of the Western part of the Savoie AOC for wines made at least in part from the regional grape variety known as Altesse (or Roussette). Typically wines that are designated merely as Roussette de Savoie AOC (rather than with some specific Cru) are blended with up to 50% Chardonnay, although those marked specifically as “Altesse” will be made from this grape exclusively. The wine's high acidity gives it the potential to age. These dry white wines typically have a nose of violet and mountain herbs with flavors of minerals, bergamot, honey and hazelnut.

Geographical (village) designation, or “Cru”, within the Roussette de Savoie AOC includes Frangy, Marestel, Monterminod and Monthoux. Wines bearing these Cru designations are made from Altesse exclusively. The best vineyards within the AOC are situated on Quaternary alluvial fans along the edges of the Massifs of Bauges and Borne.

Today’s wine is a Roussette du Bugey produced by Thierry Tissot.

Bugey wine is produced in the Bugey region in the Ain département of France, under the two VDQS designations Bugey and Roussette du Bugey. On May 28, 2009, INAO gave its final approval for the elevation of Bugey and Roussette du Bugey to Appellation d'Origine contrôlée (AOC) status.

A high proportion of Bugey wine is white, but white, rosé, red and sparkling wines are all produced in Bugey. Bugey wines made from the aromatic white variety Altesse, locally called Roussette, are among the more noted from the area. Vineyards of the two Bugey appellations cover around 500 hectares (1,200 acres) spread over 67 communes in the department of Ain.

Domaine Thierry Tissot

Thierry Tissot is a producer at Vaux-en-Bugey, a quaint little village enclaved between two hills in the foothills of the Alps about 52 kilometers northeast of Lyon and roughly 40 kilometers southeast of Bourg-en-Bresse.

A family property for 5 generations, this 5-hectare Domaine produces a few wines out of Jacquere, Chardonnay, Roussette, Mondeuse and Gamay.

  •     Chardonnay du Bugey
  •     Roussette du Bugey "Coteaux de Mataret" 
  •     Rosé du Bugey
  •     Gamay du Bugey
  •     Mondeuse du Bugey "Coteaux de Mataret" 
  •     Bugey brut blanc Bugey brut rosé    

Thierry took over the Family Domaine in 2001, soon after receiving his Diploma of Oenologist. The local elders used to talk about the slopes of Mataret, saying that before the chestnut trees grew, the land produced wines of legend. It didn't take long for Thierry to clear 3 hectares part of the chestnut forest on the steep slope and plant 18000 vines of Roussette and Mondeuse. These vines are still young, but express already the complexity of the blue marl contained in the soil.

A local from many generations and young father, entrepreneur and explorer, faithful and passionate, Thierry craft his wines with love, care and attention. He is a perfectionist, attached to details. Both wines under the name of Mataret, are produced from low yielding vines and grown pretty much organically. .

Roussette du Bugey "Mataret" is complex, with great minerality and ripe yellow fruit flavors, very good structure and texture and evident ageing potential (even for a white). 

Mondeuse du Bugey "Mataret" is bright, crisp, mineral, with racy red berries flavors. The grapes are fully destemmed and undergo semi Carbonic Maceration to maximize the fruit expression.

Both resulting wines are always fine examples of what Bugey has to offer. Thierry Tissot is a producer to keep an eye on, as he is definitely an up-and-coming young and talented winemaker.

2007 Thierry Tissot Roussette du Bugey Mataret (Altesse) Savoie France
Suggested retail price $16-$19
Imported / distributed by Wineberry in NYC

Made from 100% Roussette, also called “Altesse” the most predominant indigenous white grape variety of Savoie, this is a wine of great character and flavor, with loads of minerality. Behind its light yellow-greenish color, the nose boasts aromas of slightly toasted hazelnut and dried fruit with blossom, floral hints. The palate of this mountainous wine unfolds with lemon zest and yellow fruit flavors intermingled with notes of sea brine, minerals and hay. The finish is very long and has touches of grapefruit, sherry, and more minerality. Versatile, crisp, coating, complex yet easy going, it will pair greatly with cheeses, fondue, pâté, and ham.


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