Thursday, January 26, 2023

LeDomduVin: A great lineup (again)

A great lineup (again)

I love my job, for many reasons, yet, more especially as it gives me access to rare and unique wine gems (that I cannot afford and would not have access to otherwise).

I always feel very privileged and humble when I open such great wines, and luckily for me, in my 31 years career as a Sommelier/Wine Buyer, I have been working in great places (restaurants, clubs, casinos, hotels...) with wealthy patrons drinking great wines.

And, a few days ago, I had the chance to taste and serve some great wines (again), at a private party, for about 10 people, in our Japanese restaurant.

They gave me a budget per bottle and I made my selection, sourced them, and bought them for the night. It was only supposed to include Sake, Champagne, and a red Burgundy.

So, I decided to go with Juyondai, reputed for the high quality and excellent taste of their Sake, and chose JUYONDAI JUNMAI DAIGINJO TATSUNO OTOSHIGO 十四代純米大吟釀龍之落子. A bold and distinctive Sake, rich and generous, without being too heavy or too sweet, delivering a lot of peachy, melon, and lychee flavors with mineral nuances. Love it.

For the Champagne, in their price range, Krug 2008 seemed like the perfect choice and it did not disappoint, on the contrary, it exploded with richness and complexity, freshness and ampleness. Stunning.

For the red Burgundy, my initial and only choice was the Mongeard Mugneret Grands Echezeaux 2015. Yet, as some guests were asking for some red immediately, I knew that 2 bottles of Mongeard will not be enough.

So, I decided to open 2 bottles of Robert Groffier Chambolle Musigny 1er Cru "Les Amoureuses" 2018 from my hidden stash, a beautifully crafted, youthful, friendly, juicy wine offering plenty of red fruits, great acidity, superb balance and freshness, and a zesty mouthfeel. Way too young, but still, what a treat! Loooooved it.

Then, I served the Mongeard, a much more mature, masculine, and cerebral wine, complex, layered, and rich. Beautiful.

As they were drinking more, I had to return to my stash and bring my secret weapon of late, Perrot Minot La Richemone 2018, another one of my favorite wines. Amazing! (see my previous post for the full description, here

A good Sommelier is always prepared!

Cheers! Santé! 


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