Sunday, January 15, 2023

LeDomduVin: Smoking Champagne

Smoking Champagne 

I opened this bottle today to welcome some guests for the aperitif, and it was stunning.

Attractive golden color. Toasted brioche, stone fruits, and yellow fruit, with nutty and mineral nuances. Rich, layered, complex, long, and beautifully balanced with a refreshing acidity keeping it sharp and elegant, while generously coating the palate from the beginning to the lingering finish. Really satisfying and definitely calling for another glass. Loooove it.

For a Churchill, it was smoking!!!

NB: These were not my guests, of course, I wish, but no, I was working, yes, even on Sundays. And, btw. a friendly reminder for the people who continue to believe that all these beautiful ladies (that I open on nearly a daily basis) are mine and that I open them for my own personal consumption, well, sorry to say, but they are not. I’m just a Sommelier opening bottles for some wealthy people. The good thing is that, at least, I get to buy them, taste them and serve them.😁👍🍷

Santé! Cheers!


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