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LeDomduVin: The table corner’s wine

The table corner’s wine

For any good wine lover, moreover, any Sommelier (like me), wine is a constant, an essential, even an existential part, should I say, of our daily life, routine and experience.

As the grandson of a winemaker, I grew up in a barrel (a large one, in fact, about 2m deep and a bit more than 2m wide if I remember well, it was my hideout). 

I tried my first few sips at around 6 years old and didn’t like wine. Yet, a few years later, around 10 years old, my grandfather started to get me acquainted with it, by pouring a few drops into my water glass at the table when we were eating.

Then, the older I grew, the darker my water became (more wine, less water). By the age of 14 years old, I had two glasses, one of water and one of wine. 

We were a low middle-class family, so we were not drinking expensive wines, mostly the one produced by my grandfather, and some inexpensive Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur, some 2nd and 3rd wines, and, more rarely, some grand crus for really special occasions.

As you can imagine, more especially when born in a producing wine region like Bordeaux, wine is also part of the local way of life, culture, and traditions. 

So, it’s almost blasphemy not to have a bottle of wine somewhere on the table or in a cellar, no matter how small it is and only comprises just a few bottles. 

As a convivial drink, wine is meant to be shared and enjoyed with people and with food generally. So, you got to be prepared and ready for any family members or friends coming by surprise for the “Apéro” and usually staying until dessert.

Thus, you need a table corner’s wine, ready to be opened and served for when such an occasion occurs. It does not have to be expensive as long as it is good and quaffable. And, even if no one comes, you know you’ll probably open this bottle anyway. 😅

And, tonight, this is exactly what I’m drinking, a nice, well-crafted wine, quaffable, nothing fancy, no fuss, just a very enjoyable bottle of Bordeaux wine. It was there, alone, on the corner of the table, I had no other choice but to open it. 😄👍🍷😋

Thank you @matthieubordes_ and your team at @chateaulagrange, this Haut-Médoc de Lagrange 2018 is regal.

Cheers! Santé! 


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