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2006 O'Leary Walker "Blue Cutting Road" Cabernet Sauvignon - Merlot Clare Valley Australia

2006 O'Leary Walker "Blue Cutting Road" Cabernet Sauvignon - Merlot Clare Valley South Australia
Suggested retail price $11-$13
Distributed by Noble House Wines in NYC

"O'Leary Walker" is a jointed venture winemaking company created in 2001 by David O'Leary and Nick Walker. They first became friends at the Roseworthy winemaking college in 1979. After 20 years working (separately) for big wineries and many accolades later, these two illustrious winemakers decided to take an opportunity of a life time and joined forces to control their own destiny and especailly to produce quality wines on a smaller scale to ensure high quality and consistency. "O'Leary Walker" was born.

In the late 1890's the Blue Cutting Road was hand dug by Polish settlers whilst waiting for gainful employment. Blue Cutting Road is situated in the area known today as the Polish Hill River region of the Clare Valley. Not only does this road remain a usable summer bush track connecting two main roads. It dissects the two vineyards that provide valuable, flavorsome fruit for a range of O'Leary Walker wines.

Much of the settlers' influences have filtered throughout the beautiful Clare Valley and many of the fruits of their labors are still evident today. O'Leary Walker pay homage to their enduring qualities with this wine.

The 2006 Blue Cutting Road Cabernet-Merlot blend was fermented in small (2000 liters) open stainless tanks and shows the benefits. The expressive fruity nose expresses distinct aromas of blueberry mix with cassis and mulberry spice, complemented by hints of cedar and tobacco leaf. Like a freshly crushed bunch of wild blueberry and dark berry with spice and dirt (in a good earthy way), the palate is fruity, full without being heavy or overripe, and mouth filling with balanced acidity and long, present fine tannins. To enjoy with spicy BBQ and grilled red meat.

Overall, even if it still ridges 14,5% of alcohol, this wine was enjoyable and even surprising because of its balanced attitude, its pleasant varietal character and its dryness compared with the usual and well established overripe, jammy, fruit bomb profile of most Australian red wines on the American market (no offense).


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