Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How do I choose my "Discovery of the Month"?

How do I choose my "Discovery of the Month"?

My "Discovery of the Month" compared to my "LeDom's Selection of the Month" is a slight different beast.

The latter (LeDom's Selection of the Month) being a much rarer and unprecedentedly tasted wine (by me), sometime from a well-known brand, but, usually and more often, from a lesser know producer that, in my opinion, corresponds to an exceptional wine to absolutely discover (asap) and share and discuss with others (family, friends, and more, wine connoisseurs, amateurs and novices included). (see my post on "How do I choose my "LeDom's Selection of the Month?" for more details)

The former (LeDom's Discovery of the Month) being a wine that I just tasted recently (or tasted again, and found it much better) and found it quite harmonious, "varietaly" correct, true to its Terroir of origin, really good and evidently interesting enough to be discover or rediscover (by you, but also by me). It could be a wine from a well known producer or a recognized region of production or even a brand new wine on the market to discover.

However, and to create more interest, in most cases, "LeDom's Discovery of the Month" will probably be (or surely be, should I say) from a small, artisanal producer that deserves a bit more attention, or from a wine from a small, fairly unknown region of production that also deserves to be more clearly "pin-pointed" on the world wine map.

In any case, it will surely correspond (like my Selection of the Month), to a wine, versatile yet complex and intriguing enough to please, cause and trigger the interest of many palates.

Connoisseurs, amateurs and novices should all find something interesting to say about it, or at least recognize its quality (whether it is for its price-ratio, quality-value, its origin, its character or personality...). Understandably, the wine selected for my "Discovery or Selection of the Month" should also be a great and guiding example of the region it come from and represents.

As I often say, you may or may not agree with my decision, and that is fine with me, because like food, music, book, film, art, culture, photography and any other things in life, there are wines to suit every palate.

At least try my recommendations once, you'll be the only judge. (...you can also leave me a comment to let me know...if you feel like it).


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