Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How do I choose my "LeDom du Vin: Selection of the Month"

How do I choose my "LeDom du Vin: Selection of the Month"

Every month, amongst all the wines that I taste, I'm desperately searching and trying to find that rare gem. That, somewhat, unusual Jewell lost among many imitations, semi-duplicates and other "faux", due to the fact that they are only so few of them in this world, lost in an ocean of passable wines and other fermented grape juices. That inestimable treasure that will blow my mind, and thus will become my selection of the month.

That wine, worthy of becoming my Wine Selection of the Month, usually refers to a wine that delivers rare and unprecedented features and extraordinary appeal, from the attractive color aspect to the expressive nose and finally the balanced and harmonious palate.

Compare to other wines, it possesses more elegance, finesse, subtlety, balance, harmony, length, depth and especially complexity in every way. It also offers mountains of layers of aromas and flavors, and is especially characteristic (or sometime uncharacteristic) from the Terroir, the varietal, the region or the unique style of a specific area.

In most cases, these few incredible wines trigger only one reaction, every time I taste them: "WOW! What a Wine! This is really good! Can I have another glass? Please?"

Every month, or at least as often as I can (depending if I found one or not), I will try to write about a very particular wine that deserves the rewarding title.

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