Thursday, April 2, 2009

Film: "Rien sur Robert" the French dysfunctional way

Hi everybody,

I just watched "Rien sur Robert" sur TV5 Monde. A French movie from 1999, directed by Pascal Bonitzer, with Fabrice Luchini, Sandrine Kiberlain and Valentina Cervi.

Although I like Fabrice Luchini as an actor, I hated this particular movie (it is my opinion). I'm sure that some of you will love the perfectly dysfunctional French way and somewhat maniaco-depressive attitude pictured and depicted in this movie. However, as a French born myself, that is exactly what I hated about it.

Don't get me wrong, I love most French movies for their social problem exposures and their intensity, complexity and depth, from comedy to drama. However, sometime French Movies are also very often too complicated and full of ambiguity and people cheating on each other and full of sadness or anger (I know that it is, may be and unfortunately, the life of some you...and if it is I feel sorry for you....).

The melo-dramatic, comedy-drama, edging on sad-psychological story with never-happy-people and never-happy-ending French way is by now, well known and well established in the French cinema. This style even get huge acclaims and recognitions from the press and critics.

However, I really come to think that at least one French film on two or three, especially for the last two decades, is really about angry, sad, disturbed and maniaco-depressive people and their unfortunate description of empty, mediocre, hateful and paranoid existences.

I know, you know, we know that life isn't necessarily easy everyday and people are full of hopes and fears with unanswered questions about themselves, their life, their goals and what they should do to change something to make things better... more over, in this economy, with people loosing their job, life has become even more difficult... with even less money to spend....

But common, my fellow French, you have a beautiful country with great culinary traditions, inspiring wines, admired culture, unbelievable history, famously acclaimed artists 9in so many fields like music, painting, dance, ballet, opera, theatre, local institutions, world class sites and plenty of extraordinary landscapes. In my opinion, it is more that more joyful, incredibly interesting and touching French image that you should vehiculate in your movies.

In an economy where recession and depression are the burdens of everybody in daily basis, my fellow French, we need less dysfunctional people and more optimism; more example of happier people, exploring or even finding solutions for themselves in your movies rather than watching more depressed situations and deranged people. At least, it is my opinion and it may inspire people to do the same in their own life rather than thinking that there are no solutions.

Sorry, it was my "Coup de Gueule" of the day (spontaneously yelling against something or somebody for personal reasons). I needed to let it out.

LeDom du Vin

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