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2007 Schmitges Rivaner Dry Mosel (Saar-Ruwer) Germany

2007 Schmitges Rivaner Dry Mosel (Saar-Ruwer) Germany
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This wine comes from the newly renamed "Mosel" wine region, known until August 2007 as Mosel-Saar-Ruwer. The name was changed for marketing reasons, to sound less complicated (or less confusing), be more customer-friendly and appeal to a greater public.

The Schmitges family has been making wine in the village of Erden, Germany, since 1744. Erden is a small little "bourg" nestled on the south bank of one of the many curves of the Mosel river, in the Middle Mosel.

Opposite the village, located on the northern bank of the Mosel river and planted on really steep slopes facing south, thus with great sun exposure, very good drainage and naturally protected from the northern winds by the mountains, the estate's own 8 hectares of vineyards benefit a of a unique microclimate.

The vineyards are planted with 80% of Riesling mainly growing in the Erdener Treppchen and Erdeber Prälat sites, and about 20% of Muller-Thurgau. The diversity of the different soils also conveys complexity, great freshness and minerality to the many wines produced in this very particular blessed area.

In 1990, Andreas Schmitges, took over the family estate from his father Heinrich. With his wife, Waltraud, they quickly turned this property into one of Mosel's top wine estates and nearly triple the size of it over the years.

The vines are grown organically and yields are kept low in order to emphasize the fruit and the Terroir's unique expression. After hand-picked harvest, the grapes are gently pressed in a pneumatic press, then fermented in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks. The resulting wines rest for some time on their lees before final filtration and bottling. With respect for the environment and the desire to craft the best wines possible in mind, minimal yet careful interventions are made in the vineyards and in the cellar to maximize the quality of the wines.

Within the last 2 decades, Weingut Schmitges has become one of the finest wineries in the MittelMosel (Middle Mosel). The Schmitges family has really demonstrated assiduity and determination to bring their winery in the rank of the Top 30 Mosel's wineries.

2007 Schmitges Rivaner Dry Mosel is made from 100% Muller-Thurgau grapes. The nose is clean, fresh and zesty. In the palate, this wine also shows a clean, refreshing white fruit, peach, white blossom, lemony character, balanced and accentuated in the same time by a crisp, vivid acidity along with pronounced mineral notes. Overall, it is very balanced and super refreshing, full of minerals and really enjoyable. A perfect Summer wine to enjoy as an aperitif or light appetizers.


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