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2006 Tempus Two "Melange" white Pewter Label Australia

2006 Tempus Two "Melange" white Pewter Label Australia

The roots of this wine are firmly planted in one of Australia’s oldest wine regions, and one of Australia’s best known wine families. Founder Lisa McGuigan is the fourth generation of a dynasty of celebrated vintners, the McGuigans. The iconic cellar door nestled in the foothills of the Hunter Valley’s Brokenback Ranges, just outside Pokolbin, reflects their determination to blend the essence of tradition with the magic of innovation. In 1996, the pull of the vine outweighed Lisa’s determination to strike out on her own, and she returned to the Hunter Valley with a mission – to re-interpret the traditional cellar door, and to provide a tasting experience which was sophisticated, innovative and contemporary.

Her goal was to create a boutique range of wines which stood out from the crowd. Armed with her frontline understanding of what customers really want; Lisa finessed her approach. Launched in 1998 as Hermitage Road, in honor of the street on which Lisa grew up, the brand started small, in the corner of the McGuigan winery. The business grew rapidly, propelled by Lisa’s unique approach to marketing – success which brought the brand into the sights of the French Appellations body which took issue with her use of “Hermitage”, a protected wine region in the Rhone Valley.

And so, Tempus Two, which is Latin for “second time” was born, creating a truly Australian iconic brand. Built on Lisa McGuigan’s passion to create an ultra-premium wine brand, Tempus Two uses innovative winemaking techniques to create modern wine styles. The Tempus Two philosophy of selecting the finest fruit from its most renowned region ensures that the brand applauds those who appreciate quality wine. Award-winning and unique packaging embodies the innovation, elegance and finesse that are the hallmark of Tempus Two.

Tempus Two offers three distinct and unique ranges:

Pewter label: Elegant and pure, the Pewter range with its distinct bottles and unique pewter labels sources its varieties from Australia's premier wine regions to ensure each wine is a benchmark of its style.

Copper label: The handcrafted range with its label of stamped copper represents the combination of new wave winemaking techniques and innovative packaging.

Varietals label: Pristine varietal and regional characteristics define this range of affordable and easy drinking wines.

FYI: 2006 Tempus Two “Mélange” was crafted and sold under the “Pewter label”, and only a few bottles remain on the market. However, it has become somewhat of a collector item, because if you go to the winery website at , you will realize that the 2007 vintage “Mélange” was crafted and sold under the “Copper label” and the name was changed to “Mélange à Trois”. Try not to mélange yourself between the two, or get ambushed in a mixed “à Trois”.

2006 Tempus Two "Melange" white Pewter Label Australia
Suggested retail price $17-$19
Distributed by Noble House Wines in NYC

The 2006 Tempus Two "Mélange" white Pewter Label is a blend of 58% Viognier, 37% Marsanne and 5% Roussane. Offering generous fruit, depth and complexity, it tastes like a Northern Rhone white with a bit more acidity and fatness at the same time. Pale lemony yellow in color, it offers opulent aromas of ripe apricots and orange blossom with hints of wild honey. The palate is juicy, rich, balanced and luscious with same mix of apricot, orange blossom, lemon and honey flavors tainted with a hint of minerality. The overall palate is enhanced by a clean fresh lemon acidity giving the wine length and structure. Lovely and creamy with a refreshing attitude and a full mouth-feel. To uncorked with seafood and white meat.

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