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2006 Famille Laurent Saint-Pourcain Loire Valley France

2006 Famille Laurent Saint-Pourçain Loire Valley France
Suggested retail price $12-$14
Distributed by Maximilien Selections in NYC

Saint-Pourçain, sometimes called St-Pourçain-sur-Sioule, is a small VDQs located in the center of France (in the Allier department, Auvergne). Located about 60 kilometers north from the town of Clermont Ferrand and about a hundred kilometers south of Sancerre, the Saint-Pourcain appellation is spread over 19 villages in the Allier, around the village of Saint-Pourcain. The appellation encompasses 650 hectares of vineyards are planted on south east facing slopes, on the left banks of the Allier and Sioule rivers.

Tressallier is an indigenous white grape variety and the most commonly used in this area, but modern white wines are just as likely to be made from Chardonnay and/or Sauvignon. For the red and rose wines, Gamay is the primary traditional choice, although some Pinot Noir is also grown. A single co-operative dominates most of the production, cultivating two thirds of the area. However, little producers like the Laurent Family work also very hard to promote and established the name of this often overlooked appellation.

The Laurent family has lived in this region and cultivated vines for many generations. For the past 16 years, the latest generation, Jean-Pierre Laurent and his wife Corinne have been working hard in their vineyards and in their cellar to bring you great juicy, attractive little wines.

This family owned and operated Domain is located in the village of Saulcet and the 18 hectares of vineyards spread out over the hill-sides of 3 villages: Saulcet, Bransat and Verneuil-en-Bourbonnais. The vines benefit from a great variety of soils ranging from limestone to granite.

Made from mainly Gamay and Pinot Noir, the 2006 Laurent Saint-Pourcain is an easy drinking, juicy, earthy wine. Light to medium intensity ruby color, the nose expresses bright cherry and red berry fruit aromas with slightly green hints of smoke, earth and minerals. The attack has bright red juicy fruit. The mid-palate has a refreshing acidity and more vivid red berry flavors. The finish is clean and earthy with touch green, slightly vegetal, dry smoky notes. A perfect summer wine, to drink slightly chilled like a Beaujolais with simple dishes, cold cuts and charcuterie. Ideal for mid-afternoon break with fruit and goat cheese.


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  1. I'm drinking this wine right now, and I am thoroughly enjoying it! The nose is red berry fruit masked by mushrooms, fresh ground coffee, and a little bit of ash. It is light and playful on the palate with a sultry smokiness and lingering mushroom notes.
    For a $16 bottle this has reached its worthiness and well beyond!

  2. Thank you for your comment, Liz, I loved the 2006 vintage and think that the 2007, even if less ripe, is pretty juicy too. Thank you again. Ledom du Vin